Moment in Time 'ㅂ' ([PREV/PIC] 130507 Key cr: Lsp_lovely)
Ask me? HERE! 'ㅂ'   All about 5 shining boys, SHINee~
Especially Almighty Key and Nikori of KARA Nicole for KeyCole Moment (>◡^)ㅅ('ㅂ'*)
_DSN9212 & dsnee9212 @ twitter
Lockets, Kamilia and SHAWOL from Indonesia
Can share pic, vid update, info, schedule of SHINee member and Nikori Cole hehehe ~~^^
I will share that with full CREDIT guyyyyys!

    [PREV/PIC] 130507 Key
cr: Lsp_lovely

    [PREV/PIC] 130507 Key


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